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GET /search/users/:query
    "data": [
            "id": 2,
            "name": "Kasper Mikiewicz",
            "username": "idered",
            "location": "Poland, Białystok",
            "bio": "Coder, here at tookapic. Do know nothing.",
            "avatar": "https://cdn.tookapic.com/avatars/2015/167/7/2/727f66c7ce81aa1c1f4e1447c1394f2b.jpg?w=128&h=128&fit=crop&q=85&sharp=3&s=276ea865f806c3c777094c089db5537e",
            "level": 5,
            "streak": 2,
            "is_hero": 0,
            "is_followed": 1,
            "website_url": "http://idered.pl",
            "count_missed": 335,
            "count_completed": 2,
            "count_photo_views": 4832,
            "count_photos": 7,
            "count_followers": 14,
            "count_following": 59,
            "count_comments": 29,
            "count_downloads": 85,
            "created_at": "2014-10-09T12:55:50+0200"

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Search photos by title, tags or description.
GET /search/photos/:query
filterstringCan be one of: all, premium. Default: all
curatedbooleanCan be one of: true, false.
includestringFetch additional data using one or more includes separated by comma. Available includes: user, colors, comments
    "data": [
            "id": 16186,
            "title": "Dog In The Backyard ",
            "url": "https://tookapic.com/photos/16186",
            "description": "I followed one of my dogs down to the backyard. He's a Maltese - Shih Tzu mix and also a great model. // Day #2",
            "image_thumb": "https://cdn.tookapic.com/photos/2015/159/1/7/17a2ba9ee420b5925506826caf37a4f4.jpg?w=430&h=430&q=85&sharp=3&s=e3bce1793ba28850bf01bb110ab71b04",
            "image_large": "https://cdn.tookapic.com/photos/2015/159/1/7/17a2ba9ee420b5925506826caf37a4f4.jpg?q=85&sharp=3&w=730&fit=crop&s=7adcbfa7fa0a9e6160de6e4d59779562",
            "width": 4512,
            "height": 3008,
            "tags": [
            "count_likes": 6,
            "count_comments": 0,
            "is_premium": 0,
            "is_liked": 0,
            "took_at": "2015-06-09T19:52:57+0200",
            "created_at": "2015-06-10T01:21:40+0200"

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Search tags by name.
GET /search/tags/:query
    "data": [
            "id": 18,
            "name": "Afternoon",
            "slug": "afternoon",
            "count": 33684
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